Micah wears Cupid Tee with Balthasar Mini Skirt
What is your go-to hair product because we love your hair!
Thank you! I use a few products – heat protectant, smoothing serum then a textured volumizer – et voila!
Who is your style inspiration?
I’m inspired by so many it’s hard to narrow down. But my top two would have to be Rihanna and Lana Del Rey for their unapologetic and versatile style. I love that they can both wear what they want, how they want, when they want. They’re both able to be beautiful, classy, tomboy, bold, grungy, feminine and fierce and pull it off so effortlessly well!
What is your go-to outfit?
My go-to outfit is pretty normal I guess – leather pants/jeans, tee, jacket and sneakers – and that’s when I’m just doing ‘normal’ stuff like shopping or lunch or dinner etc. Otherwise I’d live in a tracksuit if I could!
Who would you trade wardrobes with?
That’s definitely a tough one! Probably Rihanna, Aleali May and…? Someone else who wears a lotta cool stuff! 
One beauty tip that you live by?
Keep a clean, glowing canvas! Drink lots of water, eat your organic greens and always cleanse!
Favourite Isabelle Quinn pieces?

So many! I love the natural materials she uses in her clothing, like silk and also the mix of loose-fitting with tight-fitting. At the moment it’s the Mongolian goat hair jackets, and from the new Scarlet collection, I’m obsessed with the embellished mesh pieces, leather skirt and harness, and the Spanish style dresses!


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