Explore Gaia, a new collection by Isabelle Quinn, inspired by the feminine desire for the higher self. It is Gaia that will excite you to be enriched, to be one with, and to discover the eternal earth within you.

Delight in nostalgia with her soft earthly-inspired palettes, draping fabrics and alluring silhouettes that exude luxury and gracefully move with you on any occasion.

There is adventure to be sought in Gaia, from delectable evenings, visits to the farthest horizons and picnics in moss-covered meadows.

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Talent: Jasmine Gee @jasminegeex

Coffee or Matcha? – Strictly Matcha

Star sign? – I am a Taurus, and a Leo rising and a Virgo moon.

Best part of living in London? – Everything feels really magical, every day is a new day, you never know what you’re going to get up to, and the matcha is really good.

Worst part of living in London? – It’s so expensive!

What’s your favourite trend right now? – I like that girls are looking after their hormonal health, people are really on to it and I think it’s so nice.

Talent: MELITA ŠUICA @melitasuicaaaa

Coffee or matcha? – Have to say coffee, but I do love a Matcha

What is your favourite clothing item right now? - I’d have to say mini skirts, I’m obsessed with mini skirts.

Do you prefer gold or silver jewellery? – That’s a hard one, I’m probably the unpopular opinion but silver.

Star sign? – I’m a Gemini

Sneakers or heels? – Sneakers definitely

Art Direction: Isabelle Powe @isabellepowe_

Photographer: Carlene Raschke @carleneraschke

Videographer: Geordie Smith @gsfilm