Our makers

In a world moving so fast, producing more and more every day, we need to find the balance between what we give and what we take.

At Isabelle Quinn, our brand’s beliefs encapsulate the notions of circular fashion and authentic designs inspired by us, women. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure the hands that create are treated equally and are working in a safe environment. We are a long way from having an entirely sustainable and ethical world but we all play a part, and this is ours.

When it comes to textiles, we put a strong conscious effort toward using natural fibers, where we can. The majority of our pieces are made using fabrics such as cottons, silks, linen and viscose. As a slow fashion label, we focus on low quantity, and high quality, to help with the reduction of wastage and to promote more wear with each individual piece.

It is important that we know where and how our products are being made. We are always transparent with our customers, which is why we work very closely with our beautiful manufacturers.

Currently Isabelle Quinn manufactures in Bali, India, China & Australia! All our unique beaded pieces are handcrafted in India by a team of talented embroiderers, beaders and sewers.

Our crochet is handmade in Bali, as well as many of our other garments which incorporate other bespoke processes such as dying and screen-printing. This year our knit garments were moved over to our talented manufacturer in China, and we are currently manufacturing a small quantity of undergarments/swim in Australia. It is very special to us to be able to bring some production back to our country.

Between the months of July and September our skilful crochet team in Bali work as coffee farmers. For the remainder of the year and as a secondary income, they work on our crochet garments from their homes.

When you shop with Isabelle Quinn, your purchase goes toward a handful of talented workers embedded with great skill and craftsmanship; a team of creative minds bringing designs to life to inspire every woman to feel empowered; and alignment with strong central ethics. Each timeless piece has a story behind it.  Thank you for reading along, and for being a crucial part in our journey!

Isabelle and the IQ Team xx