For a world moving so fast, producing more and more every day, we need to find the balance between what we give and what we take. At Isabelle Quinn, our brand’s beliefs encapsulate the notions of circular fashion and authentic designs inspired by us women. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure the hands that create are treated equally and are working in a safe environment. We are a long way from having an entirely sustainable and ethical world but we all play a part, and this is ours.

"We are moving toward a sustainable concept - zero waste and eco-friendly process with social responsibility, made in environmentally humble, safe and socially responsible workplaces" - A note from our Manufacturer

We would like to ensure you that your coins are going towards creative minds that bring designs to life, to inspire every woman to feel empowered; towards our manufactures who are embedded with wonderful skill, and align with our central ethics. And of course to give back to our home on earth.

We have many exciting goals we are striving to achieve, and we want to share the awareness of where your clothes are coming from and the impact they have on our planet.

Isabelle and the IQ Team xx