Isabelle Quinn

Zoe wears Emie Mesh Top
Who is your style inspiration?
That’s almost as hard as “pancakes or nachos?” My style inspiration is kind of based on the belief that fashion is expressing yourself. Whatever makes you feel like you’re doing you! I think Billie Eilish, Cara Delevingne and Hailey Baldwin/ ‘Bieber’ (that felt weird) do a great job without just “promoting” any brand.

What is your go-to outfit? 
I love an over sized button up tee (ahem with some tight denim and a vintage belt and comfy sneakers. 
Isabelle Quinn

Zoe wears Helena Top

Who would you trade wardrobes with?
Ohh FOR SURE Hailey Baldwin Bieber. I would also trade husbands (if I had one) 

One beauty tip that you live by?
Protect your face from the sun, check your ingredients and drink your water! 

Isabelle QuinnZoe Wears Theiry Wrap Dress

Favourite Isabelle Quinn pieces?
Ahem, well again with the hard questions, I don’t even know that’s answerable. Currently my number one fave is the Tybalt Crop. I’m a sucker for anything that’s a cute ‘n’ comfy combo... so basically everything. This question made me hyperventilate. 


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Isabelle Quinn
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