Founder and designer Isabelle Quinn discusses the inspiration and creative process behind the design of her latest collection CALIE SS1920 


Inspired by Slim Aarons ‘Women’ the collection, alike the book, tells a story of women who inhabited the upper echelons of society, the arts, fashion, and Hollywood from the 1940’s through to the 1980’s.

Slim Aaron's Photo from the book Women

Slim Aaron's Cover photo of his book titled Women 


She is one of societies elite, doused in jewels, looking her most glamorous in a chic ivory Thai silk pant suit set, surrounded by the who’s who of Hollywood. As the sun sets, the balmy night’s air is filled with the sound of live cool jazz.
Calie SS1920
She has changed, embracing her femininity, she has slipped into a linen mini the shade of the afternoon sun which hugs her shapely figure in all the right places.
The nights alive, the women, cigarette in hand, sway in a trance to the beat of the summer time haze. 

They are attractive people, in attractive place’s doing attractive things and she is the muse of many, our golden girl, Calie.
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