The IQ team recently took a trip to Bali to meet the lovely women who bring our crochet to life. Here's how it went: 

We took a trip to meet one of our beautiful manufacturers, Novi. She introduced us to her team and took us on a tour around her factory. We spent some time with her finalising some samples, colour-ways and chatted about some new ideas. 
The next day we travelled 3 hours outside of the city to a little village to meet some of the workers that help bring our crochet to life. Their husbands work as coffee farmers between July - September and the remainder of the year they crochet together from their homes. They were so skilful and we were in awe of how fast they could crochet. 
It was so lovely to meet the faces behind our beautiful crochet pieces. Each piece is handmade by these ladies which what makes these pieces so special to us. They were so accomodating and bought us some delicious local balinese delicacies. 

As we headed home we saw the cutest monkeys along the way and had to stop to say hello. We ended the day by watching the sunset on the beach as we worked on a few final things for the day. 

We had a slight hiccup but the show must go on and there was still things that needed to be done! We headed back to the villa, finished everything we needed to and then we are on our way back home to Australia! 

isabelle powe
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