A supermodel in the making - we took some time to interview the beautiful Australian model Laura Evans on what her perspective is on the current fashion trends, beauty tips and a peek insight into her daily routine. Coming from the land down under, she is laid back, outgoing, gorgeous and relatable! We all love a little Netflix binge and vanilla latte on the occasion! Here's what she had to say... 

1. Who is your style icon? 

I have a few style icons but right now I'm really into Bella Hadid and her style. I really love her and her style too. I want her wardrobe!

2. Throughout modelling do you feel your style has evolved, if so - how? 

Yes I definitely think my style has evolved. Being able to work with so many different brands, meeting so many people in the fashion industry who are stylists or designs really accommodates to that. I think just being around creative people it has influenced my style immensely. 

3. Top 3 beauty tips? 

My top 3 beauty products are Dior addict lip sugar scrub, Glossier brow gel and Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser!


4. What does a day in the life of Laura Evans look like? 

A day in the life of Laura Evans is usually pretty boring if I'm not working. I like to get a delicious oat milk latte with vanilla from Alfreds in the morning and then do a work out like pilates followed by a yum brunch. In the afternoon I usually run errands or try to soak up some sun and read a book or binge watch Netflix.

5. Your favourite Isabelle Quinn piece/s? 

My favourite pieces are EVERYTHING! I am dying over the Martini dress I wore to Coachella. I am honestly obsessed with this dress. I am so grateful I got to wear it!

Isabelle Quinn
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