Currently living in Monaco, IQ Gal Allexis Doohan (@allexis.doohan) is a whirlwind of energy and excitement. We love her pink 2000s' inspired looks, her bold styling and edgy street wear vibes. We met up with her in her favourite European escape, Mallorca, Spain, where she so warmly played tour guide to all of her favourite hidden gems. 




1. How would you describe your style?

My style.. it really depends on what mood I’m in and where I am. I’m a sucker for comfy clothes, I’ll never leave the house in something uncomfortable so most of the time you’ll catch me wearing oversized clothes with sneakers.

I like taking risks so I would describe my style as being really bold and experimental. I LOOOVE wearing colours, especially pastels of any type, with matching accessories of course.

I have a MASSIVE thing for colour coordination, I find it really satisfying and you’ll barely ever see me leave the house without wearing a coordinated outfit.

When it comes to accessories I like to wear things that are quite edgy that put a twist of my outfit and stand out.. nothing too girly either.


Allexis Doohan


2. What's your favourite Europe destination?

No doubt about it, it would 100% be Mallorca. I spend a lot of my time in Mallorca, it’s the perfect getaway from the chaotic & busy Monaco. Everything stops going 100 miles per hour and slows down completely.

I always stay in Capdepera which is a small town in the east side of the island which remains largely undiscovered by the majority of tourists who visit Mallorca which means its quite and very relaxing.

Mallorca Spain


There’s daily markets nearby which stretch on for kilometers which are filled with fresh fruit & veg, plants, clothes, jewellery and LOTS of sweets (which is probably where you will find me as I do have quite the sweet tooth).

Mallorca Spain

The people in Mallorca are so down to earth & sweet, the staff at the local beach restaurants/bar’s treat me like family so you’ll never see me without a smile on my face. 40% of the island falls under some form of official environmental protection too, so the water is super clean and literally crystal clear so as you can imagine I spend most of my time in the water.


Valaree Slip Dress

3. Best thing about living in Monaco?

Living in Monaco is like living in a fairytale. Walking around the ancient streets filled with beautiful gardens it almost feels like its not real life. It’s extremely great for networking, there is ALWAYS something going on in Monaco, this tiny country never sleeps.

One of the lessons I learnt after attending numerous different events is that you never know who you’re talking to or what different opportunities can arise from showing your face and getting out there. Attending events like these never used to be my cup of tea but living here has definitely helped me step out of my comfort zone and say YES a lot more.

The other thing I love about living here is how easy it is to get anywhere, 20 minutes on a train and I’m suddenly in Italy… and not to mention how dreamy the train rides are with views of lush coastal towns and the water. Oh and lastly, the food!!

Allexis in Mallorca Valaree White Slip Dress

4. Your best tip for anyone travelling to Europe for the Summer?

Everything’s not always as it seems! Find the hidden gems and wonders Europe has to offer by not going where google, instagram or even some people you know recommend as chances are they are probably tourist hotspots. Which are fun and all for day trips but if you want a feel for what Europe’s really like and want some authentic food and culture dig a little deeper and hunt for the hidden gems, those are the places that unexpectedly capture your heart.


Valaree Midi Yellow Slip Dress Allexis Doohan

Also.. one more thing, don’t forget to spend time alone! It’s not as daunting as it seems, and trust me it’s loads of fun. Some of my favourite unforgettable memories are moments when I’ve been my myself as I find myself in situations or places I wouldn't be if I was in the comfort of someone else, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.


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