Starting out as a concept of a tight knit mini dress, the Coco Maxi has taken over 12 months to perfect, with around 15 samples produced and many different suppliers involved. A design that could be thought of as very simple.. but in-fact was a lengthy, arduous process, in perfecting the silhouette – with quality, shape and fit at the forefront.

When the journey of the dress almost came to a halt, Isabelle’s vision was changed by the arrival of a new sample. This particular sample mistakenly came with excess size and length, which unintentionally showcased its potential to be long, instead of mini.

Curious and excited with a new design in mind, Isabelle arranged the very first Coco Maxi piece, in a fun lilac multi knit colour-way. The style quickly became an Isabelle Quinn best seller, with many requests for further colours to be released..