Introducing ‘CINDY ’, our new leisure wear comfort collection.
Drawing inspiration from the 90’s, think Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, not a moment to spare, hopping from casting to casting, plane to plane. Cool comfort wear was key. With something as basic as a white singlet and jeans, the girls always looked so effortless and undone. Isabelle has created a relaxed basics collection, with a twist, for the on-the-go girl who just wants to look good. The pieces are designed to go with your favourite jeans, shorts or crop, but also to be worn as sets. Ethically made and using quality fabrication such as rib, fleece and organic cottons, the collection will last. These are everyday staples, made for you to wear.. everyday.

What’s the twist? Isabelle Quinn exclusive oil marbled tie dye; with the ultimate balance of subtleness. Isabelle herself has spent over a year perfect-ing this, with pastel yellows, pinks and lilacs, the hues are truly unique. Needless to say, it hasn’t been an over-night-kinda-process, with many hours spent testing, dipping, drying. Sample after sample, you get the gist. But here we are, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. From then through now, Isabelle’s vision has finally come to life.

In light of Covid-19, we thought what better time than now to come up with our very own basics range, with a classic Isabelle Quinn spin on things (of course). There are no two ways about it - an element of fun was calling. Our very own, hand crafted dreamy marble tie dye now meets with our classic, keep-forever basic pieces. Not too harsh, not too subtle, perfectly in between. And perfectly imperfect.