Meet the team behind Isabelle Quinn. We work hard together to create the brand that you know and love! 


Meet Rachael who you have probably spoken to if you've ever had a customer enquiry. Rachael is the operations manager at IQ and is a vital part of the team making sure everything is done from customer service, to accounts to stock, she is a little bit of everything as well as providing laughs throughout the office. 

What's your favourite part of your role?

I love being apart of the team here at IQ, as no day is the same and it doesn’t feel like work. We work hard, but we always make time to be silly and have fun with it.

What is your favourite piece?

My favourite piece is the Duke Mini Paddlepop. As soon as I laid my eyes on this dress I fell in love with it. It hugs your body in all the right places and it just an all round beautiful piece! 

What is your advice for someone wanting a similar role?

Having good organisational skills is such a big part of my role because it is so easy for something to slip through the cracks. So setting reminders for the jobs I have or any important dates and having an organised workspace helps me be the best I can be within my role. 


Meet Lauren the marketing co-ordinator. She has only been at IQ since January, starting as an intern and now managing all things digital! Lauren handles the social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube, as well as email marketing campaigns. If she's not doing either of those you'll find her filming and editing for Youtube and IGTV or designing new prints for upcoming pieces!

What's your favourite part of your role?

EVERYTHING! This role is my dream job so I feel so lucky to be apart of the team. I love the behind the scenes and being a part of the process from an idea to a final product and then being able to take part in the photoshoots of the products.

What's your favourite piece?

My favourite piece is the Emie Mesh Dress. It is such a gorgeous piece and it is all handmade so you can appreciate the work that has gone into it. I love going to festivals and things like that so I can't wait for them to come back so I can wear it!

What's your advice for someone wanting a similar role?

Be persistent! As a creative it can be hard landing roles if you have no experience, but if you can prove that you have the skills and the attitude great things can happen! Even if that means starting from the bottom! 


And last but not least the designer herself Isabelle! Izzy started IQ in 2015 and has had many ups and downs but she absolutely loves what she does and wouldn't change it for the world. She has her hands in every part of the business from designing, fittings, photoshoots, marketing, website design, customer service, styling, fabric designing and operations she does it all! Her days can be very hectic but the hard work pays off when she gets to see girls from all over the world enjoy her designs. 

What's your favourite part of your role?

My favourite thing about my job is I love my team, every person involved is so important in the development of IQ, but watching my designs come to life and see girls all over the world wear them to special events and feel beautiful is so rewarding. I love the whole process of creating pieces from sketches to swatches to samples to gorgeous pieces, despite how tough it can be!

What advice would you give someone wanting a similar role?

Find a niche is the most important thing. There are so many fast fashion stores that sell the same clothes so finding your style and a market for that is key. It is all about persistence, it doesn't just happen overnight and it is a lot of hard work and you have to keep striving! There will be failures along the way but don't let that stop you! 



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