1. Tell us about your business

Xavier Nicolle Flowers is best known for its Floral Design with 15 years in the floral industry and four of those running XNF, in recent years we have branched out into styling and full service planning as it made sense. We love unique colour palettes and designs as it makes our heart sing. For us each couple is a totally new concept and we love to bring this to life, seeing the joy it brings on each special occasion is what it is all about.

2. What is your favourite thing about what you do?

Ohhh, it would have to be the ceremony florals, we have some amazing couples who allow us to create freely. The designs that flow forth are a whole scene. It gives a sense of being “Alice in Wonderland” playing in her garden. Truly fulfilling to be able to create a special place for couples to share their love for each other.

3. How did you get into the industry?

Well, I was Alice in wonderland in my little garden growing cornflowers, lambs ear, paper daisies and tending to little patches my mother would let me grow seedlings in. So it really started way back when I was 8 years old in Tasmania. From there I worked in flower farms and retail floristry until the big move to QLD in 2015 this is when I started dreaming of making big floral designs. Then came Xavier Nicolle Flowers.

4. What is your creative process when creating arrangements?

Creation is centred around the heart, generally it is a feeling and a knowing in which direction the concept should go. We like to build a profile, client’s wardrobes, cars, preferred music, where they live, the venue they have booked. It is quite detailed and often Floral design clients who book us are amazed by how in depth the conversations go. Basically we want to know all about you both and what makes you tick.

5. What was the inspiration behind what you created for our shoot?

The concept behind the shoot was heavily tailored to the colour palette and fashion. With this one we wanted to bring a fresh approach to the backdrop, moving in an organic design direction. Letting the individual plants and flowers speak for themselves, giving each one space just as each piece of the collection holds its own but is part of a bigger design concept. 

6. Do you have a favourite flower/plant?

Cymbidium Orchids which are cool climate flowers, the most amazing orchids are grown in Tasmania. Beautiful old men grew them for competitions in Tasmania and would bring them into the local florist for us to buy. Favourite plant is by far the tropical Alocasia plant with its amazing architectural leaves. Also we can not forget the Caladium plant, so vibrant and grows heart shaped leaves.

7. Do you have a favourite colour palette/theme?

Oh this is a hard one, we just love colour. Often I think of creating floral designs like painting a picture, rivers of flow. We are definitely drawn to vibrant colour palettes. It can really lift a room and give a fuller visual experience. In saying that we also love muted colours and more feminine vibes. This is why this medium is so fun to work with, the options are endless.

 8Which do you prefer creating for, weddings or events?

It would purely depend on the concept. Weddings are about sharing your love with those most near and dear, but events are about being wowed visually and experiencing life with others in a more curious way. So I don’t think I have a favourite but maybe Love always wins.


View Xavier's work on her website : www.xaviernicolle.flowers
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