We caught up with the beautiful Jess Roche in her home to find out what she was up to during COVID-19, what she is most looking forward to now that restrictions are being lifted and how she is styling our Pascale lounge sets this winter. 

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What were you occupying yourself with during iso?
Lot's of uni study, big walks everyday, bingeing all of the Harry Potters (for the first time, finally!),  doing more creative at home content for work which has been awesome, cooking lots of yummy food and spending lots of time with my partner! 

What are your go to fashion brands? 
 I love Zara, Revolve & NetaPorter!
Are you currently studying? If so, what are you studying?
Yes I am studying psychology, final year at lasssttt.

What are you most excited for now that restrictions have been lifted?
TRAVEL, drinks and socialising with friends, delicious date nights, going out for a dance!
What is your favourite perfume at the moment?
Currently obsessed with Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her.

Are you a lover of winter or summer?
I love both for each of their perks! Summer - the humidity, all of the amazing events and fun that summer entails, the beach! Winter- fashion, being able to rug up and have cosy nights.
What is your staple piece?
Black leather jacket or blazer, great pair of Levis, stylish but comfy pair of black boots (essential 3 things :))

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully in my psychology career, married?!?,  I hope to have traveled even more by then and still have some form of creative outlet!
Go to alcoholic beverage?
What is your current favourite fashion trend?
Wide leg trousers tucked into boots, maxi faux leather coats, I'm also loving how owning great quality, staple vintage pieces is making a comeback!

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