A postcard from Tuscany...

Set amidst your sweetest dreamscape lies Francesca, graceful and self-assured. Her presence is magnetic and charming, and her spirit playful.

This collection is subtly feminine, launching the feeling of warmth on sun-kissed skin and long afternoons spent cocktail in hand.

Francesca's story embodies the essence of a sunshine oasis as she adorns the tones of summer, embracing hues of citrus, chocolate, caramel, and ivory.

As the life of the party, Francesca evokes joie de vivre through thoughtful details and diligent design. Cowl necklines and figure-flattering forms in original prints are suited to sunset picnics, social dinners, and moments of serendipity.

Each piece inspires a lust for a summer rendezvous, creating a wardrobe to carry you through the season ahead.

A gallery of reverie portrays lazy afternoons through a lens of indulgence. Francesca brings the promise of memories, best accessorised with Aperols and amity.

Let Francesca whisk you away, carefree and charismatic.

Made with love,

Isabelle Quinn x