• Featured: Instyle, August 2016
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    Clare Marshall

Featured: Instyle, August 2016

The reviews and love received from our collections while so appreciated is almost hard to fathom. Our team knew we had amazing products to offer the women of the world, yet the positive vibes and fact that we were so well-received is and still always will be a concept bewildering to grasp.

As any business would know re-launching is a daunting task in itself, but to throw in the release of a new line.. well, some would say that's borderline insanity. Alas, we tackled our goals & challenges head on just as our IQ women do in their day-to-day lives.

The recognition is something our team will most likely never adjust to. However, we so love the constant support & feedback. In turn, we promise to always be striving to provide our IQ women the opportunity to turn their ultimate fashion visions into reality.


Featured: InStyle, August 216- Iasbelle Quinn; Velvet Dreams


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    Clare Marshall

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