• PP1: The Perfect Woollen Winter Staple
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PP1: The Perfect Woollen Winter Staple

So I’ve decided to start sharing a few personal posts of myself, I absolutely love making clothes and even more dressing up, so why not combine the two to share with you girls! As the weather becomes a little more chilly, I'm getting more and more excited about wearing Winter clothes! This season I’m loving all the neutral hues, I think grey is such a gorgeous simplistic colour that looks fantastic and can be matched with almost anything.
When I made this outfit I was so excited about how good it turned out! I feel that wool has such integrity, structure and texture that warms the sole on a gloomy winters day. I specifically made an exaggerated turtle neck to add versatility to the crop so you can wear it up, halfway or completely rolled down.

So here’s a few snaps taken by photographer and my dear friend Laura Slogrove of my newest creations. Now available to purchase here. I hope you love it just as much as I do.

Izzy X



  • Isabelle Quinn
  • greywinterwool

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